The United States Constitution Essay

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The United States constitution was written in 1787 by the founding fathers of this country. Now it might be appropriate to question why a document that is the basis of the government for one of the most culturally and racially diverse countries in the world, was written by a group of heterosexual, cisgender, rich, white men. Some might think that a constitution written well over 200 years ago would be outdated and irrelevant to the American society of today but with some research, it is quite the contrary. The constitution was designed to be molded and amended to be able to protect the rights of each and every American throughout the ever-changing society. This document keeps the national government from obtaining too much power and possibly becoming a tyranny. Since the constitution has been so successful in obtaining a functioning government through all these years, many other countries have used this very document as the groundwork for their own constitutions and governments. The first type of government in the US, called the Articles of Confederation, only lasted 10 years (Schmidt 37-39). From this, the founding fathers knew that this new document needed to be able to perform impeccably through centuries if this country’s government was going to thrive. The writers of the U.S. constitution have created a special weapon to combat outdatedness that the document might possess (Schmidt 44-47). This special weapon is called Amendments. Outlined in article 5 of the

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