The United States Department Of Justice Defines Domestic

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The United States Department of Justice defines domestic violence as “a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another in timate partner.”(President’s Proclamation 2016). Domestic violence includes verbal, physical, sexual, or psychological attacks, even economic coercion. Bancroft et al. (2002 p.1)have claimed that 7 million or more children being exposed by acting of domestic violence each year in United States. Many of this cases are caused by witnessing violence between their caregivers, particularly conflicts between their parents.In part,since 2003, UNICEF,in coorperation with CPFC,Save the children Sweden and plan International,has been working on a…show more content…
(UNICEF and Viet Nam n.d).This actuality takes places in many different part of the world. Futhermore,its consequences is extremely dangerous for children who endure domestic violence.
1. The impact of domestic violence on children
The level of impact and trauma of violence depend on many factors which affect on their perception and respond. Children’s age is one of the most crucial elements reflect this.It was evident that infants and young children are threatened significantly of health and psychology.
Children who experience domestic violence are certainly suffer a emmense amount of physical symtoms.Family Violence research states that children can be influenced harmfully by witnessing even when children are not direct targets of domestic violence in the home. Another factor is gender, Edleson said that several studies have claimed females are more likely to deal with internalised problems such as emotional,thought, whereas males are bound to have external problems such as behavior(Rachel Brooks 2011)Besides, the intense of effect rely on additional stressors such as
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