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oo soon after she arrived her mother and sister died. This left her with no close ties back home, as the rest of her family had already died as well. This meant she felt more able to go to Okoyong, a dangerous part of Africa where other missionaries had been killed (Tucker 172).
August 1888 with King Eyo of Old Town, she went to Okoyong. She lived a very physically straining life in harsh conditions (Tucker 172). She pioneered surrounding regions that no other white man had before. She became known for her peacemaking and became the judge for the whole region (Tucker 173). She encouraged trade between inland and the coast, involved in Hope Waddell Institute. She trained Africans in trades and medical work. This is when she won over the …show more content…

“Her days were filled with unremitting toil for the natives, who saw and felt her Christian spirit and love” (Hosier 269). She had great faith that he would provide, even when she wasn’t sure about the next meal and said things like, “God will provide, we need only pray” (Hosier 269).
Mary once said, “Christ was never in a hurry. There was no rush forward, no anticipation, no fretting over what might be. Each day’s duties were done as every day brought them, and the rest was left with God” (Hosier 269).
She had a lot of time alone and when she was alone she spoke to God as her father, creating an unbreakable bond between her and her heavenly father. She went to him for everything- all her needs, wants, and in her gratitude, joy, and sorrow (Hosier 270). Her gains of respect and dignity in these communities were great, however Mary was isolated for most of her missionary career from the outside world. She was so fully submerged into the culture and life of Africans of that area that she lost most of her home culture, making her seam odd or peculiar to many Europeans (Tucker 173). The wonderful aspect of this isolation, however, allowed her to have an incredibly reliant, trusting, intimate relationship with God. Her last 15 years were in prayer to God for perseverance (Hosier 267). On one of her trips back home she met a man named Charles Morrison- a missionary teacher, much younger, got sick, her career over relationships at

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