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From Northern Pakistan to The United States of America, The Exchange Student
Probably to everybody’s shock, nobody could have imagined how poorly executed the 45th’s President Executive Order shortly after it was established. Any person, who is from one of the seven designated Muslim countries in the Middle East, are not allowed the right of entry into the United States of America. People like Syrian Refuges are ban indefinitely until the 46th POTUS reverses that order, who are seeking nothing but a better life. This affects everything from our aid in the fight against ISAL, to what message we send to the entire world. If one were to put their own feet into a Syrian Refuge, or simply a Muslim, how would one perceive they as human beings …show more content…

For the first time, the daughter of Mrs. Wintrow would finally have another sibling, other than her brother. Inspired from her only daughter, Mrs. Wintrow called the organization of exchange students and got things set in motion.
In the amount of about five months, this Pakistani teenager would have an unexpecting effect on the only female sibling, much to the astonishment of the mother. She noticed positive outcomes that reflected off the student onto her own daughter. Some of these were straightforward as helping with chores and the regular duties assigned to living in the house. On the other hand, there were two distinctive differences she pointed out from five months ago, to the present day. The first she recalled, was the steady maturing a sibling tends to have an influence on, and the second was the attachment a daughter-mother relationship has. Slowly but surely, there was, of course, the building relationship of sibling rivalry and the start of competing against one another. It was to say, the relationship established between the student and the family, which has decided to take responsibility for the student, displayed the same motherly love and care she would as if she were one of her own children. Not only was this at the residence, yet each day gives her students the patient, thoughtful, and sometimes strictness a mother would naturally show over

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