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Following numerous events in the 1850’s and early 1860’s, eleven of the southern states of the United States of America would make a fateful decision to succeed from the Nation. They would in turn create their own independent country, the Confederate States of America. This action and its ramifications echoed throughout the world during the Era and the effects are still felt today. A civil war would ensue, lasting from April of 1861 until May of 1865. During this conflict approximately 700,000 people would lose their lives and the end would come with the Confederate States of America surrendering at Appomattox Courthouse. This paper will outline and attribute the loss of the South to the snowballing effect of factors and turning points…show more content…
The South had more geographical land and a majority of the agriculture, when compared to the North. However, the North had much of the industry, logistical network of railroads, and a much higher overall population. These combined would surely have advantageously assisted in the overwhelming of the Confederacy in the end of the War. The Southern soldiers at the beginning of the War are often quoted as saying this notion of numerical superiority can be overlooked by the abilities of the southern huntsman or soldier. However, in observing battle results and tactics it would indeed be a clear wakeup call once the first battle commenced that this was not the case. The conflict would also be influenced by the Navy of both armies. For example, the Union’s blockade that was facilitated by the South’s lack of naval abilities not only had a direct negative impact on the South’s tactics, but also had an adverse affected foreign affairs. In February of 1861, Lord John Russel, Britain’s foreign minister, “sternly warned” Lincoln that if the efforts of suppression of the Rebels interfered with British trade the result could be Confederate independence being recognized (Fellman, 98-99). Additionally, in May of 1861 France and Russia’s foreign ministers advised the opening of relations with the Southern Nation. However, on May 14th Queen Victoria declared
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