The United States Of America

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The United States of America is a democratic republic consisting of 50 states working together for its people, by its people. It is a prime duty for citizens to ensure the quality of the U.S. by coming together and voting for the right politicians to run this country. The truthful fact is “What is right?” Many can analyze and compare this analogy to the overall structure of sports. The hierarchical structure specifically in American football represents a balanced way of ensuring long term benefits for teams and should be implied in congressional elections. In the road to the superbowl, all success starts from the General Manager (GM). On many NFL teams, general managers are the eyes and ears of the owner, and they oversee the day-to-day operation of the team. They must be cold and calculating people because they have to make a lot of difficult personnel decisions. They make the player trades and free agent acquisitions, decide salary levels, and ultimately determine which players to select in the NFL draft.
General Managers must be excellent judges of every player 's ability because they 're responsible for doing what 's best for the organization. They must have a feel for what the team needs and be able to work in conjunction with the head coach and his needs along with the personal connections with their players. Shouldn’t this correspond to what a campaign manager should exercise? Source 1 shows the expected roles and fulfillments of a successful campaign manager from…

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