The United States Of America

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Ethan Fuller Mr. Mauritz AP Government & Politics -date Summer Assignment The United States of America was founded in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons. Our uniqueness, freedom, creativity, and strength all stem from being the first country born to debate. But there were multiple lucky circumstances that allowed us to do this. Perhaps so fortuitous that if some of these things never occurred, America may have not been founded like it was today. We were founded in the right place because the land where the colonies had settled were bereft of gold, which resulted in a long term "light" administrative hand from the British. The colonies were afterthoughts to them (they had been for over 180 years), and when the "grip tightened", as a result on the tax of tea, a revolution occurred. We were founded in the right time because people were getting smarter. Top-down authority was fading, King James I declaring that he ruled by divine right was a testament to this, and people wanted their voice to be heard in the expression of religion. And we were founded for the right reasons because for the first time, men thought that the free mind and soul of a Man was the answer to explaining the world and rule of it, not a crown. The practice of argument and debate allows the American people to exercise their right of free speech under the constitution, a right that this country has shed blood over to protect, and allows our voices to translate into useful ideas as

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