The University Writing Center And The Academic Success Center

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The University Writing Center (UWC) and the Academic Success Center (ASC) are two of the university initiatives that help students enrich their academic experience. While UWC assists students in improving their written and oral communication skills through one to one consulting sessions, online resources, and workshops, ASC works to enhance students’ intellectual performance through academic coaching, supplemental instruction, drop-in tutoring sessions, and peer mentoring. Both of the organizations take a collaborative learning approach to encourage students to develop necessary study skills for academic success and increase student retention. ASC offers various student development programs; however, our focus for this proposal …show more content…

After researching through the potential solutions, I will put forth a budget outlining the costs required to increase the reach of these programs to a larger student population. The objective of this proposal is to ensure that students are able to enhance their academic experience at Texas A&M University by helping them boost their academic performance, and fulfill their educational needs.
Muriel Hall (1995), Founder and Director of the Purdue is Writing Lab, argues that writing center are not only integral to student success, but are also important to maintain retention (27). Texas A&M is one of the largest universities with high student population, and there are many students, especially freshmen’s and sophomores who struggle with their classes and seek for resources that help them with their academic struggles. UWC and ASC are two of the university initiatives that address the students’ need to help them with their classes and enhance their academic performance.
Currently, UWC offers its services in two different locations: Evans and West Campus Library. UWC serves both graduate and undergraduate students with course assignments, writing their drafts and thesis dissertation through consultations and workshops. According to (one consultant), they serve an average of 63 students each day, and 1988 students have used their services only between September and October. The students desiring to have a writing consultation have to book an

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