The Unspeakable Word: Censorship in Schools Essay

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Censorship has recently grown in today’s spotlight. Everyone is trying to censor books, movies, and paper, even school. You can pray at school, oh wait now you cannot. You do not have to say the pledge of allegiance. Parents today do not want to let their children grow up in the real world. Sorry, but they are going to learn about it one day. Parents act like talking about sex in school is absurd or unheard of. These people are crazy pretending that there little precious baby has never heard the unspeakable word, “SEX!!” Sex needs to be discussed in school and needs to be done in a mature educational manner, and it needs to be discussed in school because it is rare for students to talk to their parents about sex. It is imperative for …show more content…

(State, Internet) That is not even half of the United States informing their children about sex. How do we say that it is okay for schools to teach our children about math, science, history, and numerous other subjects, yet get high and mighty with resentment when biology is taken a step further to focus on sex? People will ask now that it is mandatory for their child to be taught about sex, what will actually go on in the classroom when it is being discussed. Whether it is safe sex practices or even abstinence, all of these issues must be dealt with in an educational setting. Non judgmental open discussions need to be held at a mature environment in the classroom when discussing sex. Using Biology to introduce the reproductive systems is a productive way to start. However, sexual morals in the lecture would be a topic to stay away from. As a student we have taken time out during one school once a year since sixth grade for a short assembly that dealt with sex. Some consisted of what was going to happen to my body during puberty, and others specifically dealt with sex and sexual relationships. It was done properly and smartly, and was needed. Did it prevent anyone from getting pregnant in high school? I can't say for sure, but I can definitely say knowing more about sex is crucial. Abstinence is definitely the safest of all safe sex measures, but

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