The Ups and Downs of the Sexual Movement Displayed in “Lust” by Susan Minot

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The short story “Lust” by Susan Minot details the life of a high school girl who has succumbed to the pressure of her surroundings. The pressure of sex by her peers and all of the boys she came across led to the multiple sexual encounters that make up this story. This realistic view on the teenagers of the early 1970’s shows the ups and downs of sexual movement of the 1960’s. In “Lust”, Susan Minot shows the reality of a teenage girl’s life throughout her high school years and the problems her actions give her as she gets older. Janet M. Ellerby analyzes “Lust” in her essay titled, “Lust”. In this essay, Ellerby goes through and gives a brief but accurate summary of the short story. Then she gives her interpretations of what this story …show more content…

There is even one encounter where she goes on a camping trip in Colorado and she sleeps with a guy in their zipped together sleeping bags (Minot 102). The fact that the young people of this time were allowed to just roam around unsupervised, just further aided their sexual desires. In the beginning of the story, the narrator’s accounts were completely casual and it was obvious that she thought nothing of it. The first few stories were just a few brief sentences that basically described who and where. Leo, her first, was described in one sentence. “In the spring before the Hellmans filled their pool, we’d go down there in the deep end, with baby oil, and like that” (Minot 98). The first few stories had an almost monotonous tone about them and there was definitely no kind of emotion or feelings between the two of them. In Janet Ellerby’s essay, she compared the stories of the narrator’s encounter to a grocery list (Ellerby). At that age, sex was just something that all of her friends were doing and so she felt like she had to do it too. She did not realize that there were emotional ties to it. At that point sex was just sex and there was nothing else to it. As the story went on though, there was a sense of emotion and feeling in her accounts and they became a little more detailed. After the first few brief descriptions, the next few encounters seemed

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