Per Capita Carbon-Dioxide Emission In The US

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In his book, The United States of Excess, Robet L.Paarlberg says, “Per capita carbon-dioxide emissions in the United States are roughly twice the average for the rest of the wealthy world (defined here as the 34 member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD)” (7). Contrasting the situation with the wealthy world is enough to realize that the USA has a serious problem of carbon-dioxide emission. If we compare the emission with a poor developing nation like Nepal, the problem is much clearer or, precisely, scary. CO2 emission in metric tons per capita for the United States in 2005 was close to 20 (Brooks 27). Moreover, in 2013, the measurement for the USA was still 16.4 while that for Nepal was 0.2 (“CO2 Emissions (Metric Tons per Capita)”). The figures show that the USA emitted 82 times the carbon emitted by Nepal on a per capita basis. With all the focus towards competing industrially with other wealthy countries, consequently, the USA has not had enough attention towards the resulting problem from carbon emission. Instead, this competition has added up to the emission of more amount of carbon. The difference in technological advancements, education system, and the people’s lifestyles in the two countries is the main reason for the higher per capita carbon emission in the USA. Undoubtedly, the USA is one of the leading countries based on technological and industrial advancements in the world. Resource abundance and low population in

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