Examples Of What I Believe In America Essay

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The America that i believe in is a land of freedom, bravery, and is rich with great minds who continue to push forward in technology in many ways. One of the most important things in America is freedom. In 1787, our founding fathers based our constitution on the idea of of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In our country there are a lot of freedoms one of them is speech you can be heard on your opinions and never have fear in what you're doing. Another freedom is your religion you can believe in your without fear of persecution of being discriminated against. The America I believe in is also a technological giant. America continuously leads the way in technological advancements such as nuclear energy and computers. Examples of America's technological advancements is the IPhone. Windows and energy has continued to make American lives better. Many other technological advancements is NASA and rocket science those two things alone including the government made it possible to go to the moon and maybe later we can go …show more content…

Without these people America wouldn't be what it is today. These people helped change America to be a great and opportunistic country for all people of every race. Examples of these brave people are Martin Luther King Jr who without his help and the black civil rights protesters they all would be treated unfairly. In Addition, another example is Harriet Tubman who was so brave she led slaves travel to the Underground Railroad so that they could be free and she did this more than 19 times. Finally, the last example is Jackie Robinson who endured the hardships of being the first black MLB player In conclusion all of these people whether they are tech geeks or brave soldiers they make this country incredible. The America I believe in includes all these things and more and that is why i still proudly believe in

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