The Use Of A Computer Or Itc System

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Ransomware is a malware that restricts the use of a computer or ITC system, displays a message on a computer screen that states the system has been locked or encrypted and that the only way to re-gain the use of the computer or system is through the payment of a ransom which is often $200-$400 (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, 2016). This type of attack can install other malware as users attempt to click out of the message screen or to follow the directions which tell the user to “click here” to pay the ransom. Victims may pay the cybercriminal in Bitcoin and re-gain the use of their computer or system. Some victims pay and do not get their use back while others choose not to pay but must suffer through downtime and …show more content…

Ransomware is often perpetrated by gangs and other criminals outside the U.S. making it very difficult to locate and prosecute those involved. The incidents of ransomware are expected to increase throughout 2017. Experts believe that smartphones and organizations using cloud-based data storage will be targeted. “McAfee Labs sees mobile malware continuing its growth in 2017, with ransomware, banking Trojans, and remote access tools among the leading threats” (McAfee Labs, 2017). Smartphones are used by a high percentage of the population in their personal lives and many use them as part of their employment. If a hacker or hacker group were to extract the cell phone numbers or email addresses of FBI agents they may be able to lock several devices prior to detection or extract information from their phone. Data Breaches In 2016 Cyber criminals continued to hack into company and government databases to extract personal and propriety information (PPI). Many different modes of operation were likely used to penetrate the ICT systems and in many incidents it is unknown if the hacker wished to gain financially or embarrass the target into providing better cybersecurity to prevent the information from falling into the hands of someone who could do a great deal of damage with the data gained. The following is a list of the most notable: • A hacker known as @DOTGOVS on Twitter retrieved DHS and FBI

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