The Use Of Modern Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery

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Introduction Throughout the twentieth century, the use of modern plastic surgery has evolved from a procedure used to provide treatment for disfiguring facial of the soldiers during WWI into a slave of modern beauty culture, more commonly known as “cosmetic surgery” (Gillies H, 1920). Although, the term “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are used interchangeably, they are intrinsically different. On one hand, cosmetic surgery aims to enhance a patient’s appearance, which can be performed in all areas such as breasts, nose of body shape. Plastic surgery, on the other, aims to reconstruct facial and body defects such as burns, which are critical to their rehabilitation. (American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, 2016). Despite the optimistic view of such invention, some serious criticisms have been raised regarding the side effects of the patients undergoing a cosmetic surgery. Whilst both academics and publics have long debated on this matter, there is still a significant lack of literature which emphasizes specifically on young people despite the increasing figure of teenagers undergoing cosmetic surgery. For this reason, my research papers aim to focus specifically on the perspectives of international students’ in the UK on the procedure of cosmetic surgery. Literature Review Plastic surgery has been with humanity since Egyptian era, however, the origin of modern plastic surgery was first performed on injured soldiers in the United States during Word War I to provide

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