The Use of Hesse Siddhartha to Reflect the Legendary Atmosphere of Buddha

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The Use of Hesse Siddhartha to Reflect the Legendary Atmosphere of Buddha "Siddhartha" is one of the names of the historical Gautama, and the life of Hesse's character resembles that of his historical counterpart to some extent. Siddhartha is by no means a fictional life of Buddha, but it does contain numerous references to Buddha’s philosophies and his teachings. Although Hesse’s Siddhartha is not intended to portray the life of Gautama the Buddha but he used the name and many other attributed to reflect the legendary atmosphere and the pattern of his heroes transformation. Shakyamuni, known in his youth as Siddhartha Gautama, was a prince who became aware of and profoundly troubled by the problems of human suffering. According to…show more content…
The fourth truth is to be brought into being, the truth of the eightfold ariya path leading to the cessation of suffering. (Robinson) The first two steps in the Eightfold Path, which leads to the cessation of suffering, are right understanding and right resolution; a person must first discover and experience the correctness of the Four Noble Truths, and then resolve to follow the correct path. The next three steps form a kind of unit: right speech, right behavior, and right livelihood. These reflect the external aspects of a person's life, which must not be neglected. The interior disciplines constitute the final three steps: right efforts, right mindfulness, and right contemplation. By this means, the follower of Buddha can arrive at Nirvana. (Robinson) Buddhists do not believe in transcendent or any other type of god or gods, the need for a personal savior, the power of prayer, eternal life in heaven or hell after death as many of the western religions do. They do believe in reincarnation: the concept that one must go through many cycles of birth, living and death. After many of these cycles, if a person releases their attachment to desire and the self they can then attain Nirvana. The teachings of Buddhism effectively deal with the question of human beings very existence and pursue the surest way toward establishing a secure basis for living. It is a practical system, which provides a means to realize a state of self-perfection. (Field) Siddhartha is

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