The Uses Of Figurative Speech In The Wood Bird

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The Uses of Figurative Speech in “The Wood Bird” Living in the 21st century, it is so easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of life. Our egoistic and obsessive natures are forever fantasizing about always wanting more. However, when that doesn’t happen, we quickly blame life and disregard the fact that maybe this could be one of those bad experiences that molds us into becoming a better person. Perhaps influenced by this, John Reibetanz wrote the poem “The Wood Bird,” revealing human’s selfish nature and their inability to appreciate. As the relationship between water and a piece of wood is discovered, Reibetanz is able to show his readers how the word ‘water’ viscously shapes a piece of wood to its perfection, representing precisely the imperfectness of life shapes us. This creation versus destruction capabilities of water is portrayed through the use of metaphors, personification, as well as imagery, depicting exactly how life also has the ability to create and destroy. The power of the poem is felt through the use of many figurative languages, one of which is metaphor. Reibetanz establishes a link between water and the piece of wood, metaphorically relating it to the idea of life. For instance, in the quote “the hard-edged woodwork / hewn and shaped by the water’s buffetings / into this subtle decoy” describes how the constant abuse of the water’s current formatted the delicate design on the piece of wood (Reibetanz 28-30). This very heavily correlates with how

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