Use Of Figurative Language In The Yearling

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Having weird pets such as a snake, spider, or iguana can be an enormous amount of fun but having a deer as a pet is a completely different story. The yearling is a novel about a boy who befriends a deer and takes it in as a pet. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Yearling in 1939 for her use of syntax, figurative language, and sensory details.
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Yearling in 1939 for her use of syntax. In paragraph 3 she says, “He slept.” This short sentence adds contrast to the lengthy sentences before that in the paragraph explaining how the boy began to doze off when he was by the flutter-mill. This two word sentence briefly explains what is happening in that situation …show more content…

She does this in the paragraph 6 when she states, “The squirrels had raced up and down the banks, but they were bold, always. A racoon had been that way, with his feet like sharp-nailed hands” In this sentence Rawlings, uses personification when she states that the squirrels raced up and down the bank by giving them human like qualities through racing. When she talks about the racoon with feet like sharp-nailed hands that is both a simile and an oxymoron because she compares the racoons feet to sharp-nailed hands describing how its feet have grotesque, long claws. The feet that looks like hands is an oxymoron because feet and hands are opposite appendages that are being compared. Because of this, the reader gets a feeling or rodent raccoons with unpleasant claws. The next figurative language is in paragraph 5 when Rawlings says, “He lay, absorbing the fine-dropped rain like a young plant.” This simile makes the reader picture the boy appreciating and taking in the rain much like a plant would. The final figurative language, is also in paragraph 6 when Rawlings says, “the sun had sifted through the branches of the wild cherry” this metaphor compares the sun getting its sunlight to the tree branches as a kitchen sifted could gradually sift powdered

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