The Uses Of Gene Therapy

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Gene therapy is the procedure that uses genes as the agent to avert or treat diseases.
Gene therapy relates to genetics because it uses genes to treat and prevent cell parts in our body.
The uses of gene therapy are:
Replaces mutated genes with healthy copies of the gene
Deactivating mutated genes that are harming the body
Injecting other gene into body to help battle a certain disease
High Cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) is when there is very high levels of cholesterol in the body.
A fat-like substance is produced and body takes in cholesterol to make cell membranes, compounds that help in digestion, and make some hormones. Body can take in from foods like meat, fish, poultry, and other non-organic foods like pizza.
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A word is 3 letters long.
Mutated cells formed naturally when cell copies itself, which changes the DNA sequence. As cell goes through mitosis, “typing errors” happen around every 100,000 nucleotides, around 120,000 type errors in each mitosis cycle.
There are 2 types of vectors that could be involved in gene therapy, most commonly are viral vectors. Viral Vectors, transmits modified genetic material into target cell. Viral vectors also known as disarmed retroviruses and adenoviruses.
Currently, gene therapy are created and researched to treat diseases that have no cure. Are mostly tested and researched on animals that have similar organs as humans, like mice. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have created a high cholesterol mouse and have cured it with gene therapy.
1972 – Researchers first recommended gene therapy as treatment for genetic infections.
1966 – Genetic code cracked, Marshall Nirenberg and others figure out 4 letter alphabet to determine order or amino acids in proteins.
1987 – First human genetic map created based on DNA code sequence observed by digesting DNA with restriction enzymes. Map is used to locate genes that create diseases.
1990 – Four year old girl, first gene therapy patient on September 14th , 1990 at the NIH Clinical Center.
2003 – World’s first gene therapy approved for disease of head and neck cancer in China.
2014 – Gene therapy technology will be used for

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