The Valley Wine Company Increase Production Of Good Quality Wine

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Executive summary
The big goal and major objective of this plan is to enable The Hunter Valley Wine Company increase production of good quality wine to meet the increased demand for wine in China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other Australian and International major wine distributors which occupy a significant niche in the Asian wine markets. Hunter Valley Wine Company is facing tough competition from other Australian wine distributors who are beginning to exert pressure to either increase production of high quality wines or be faced out of the market. Australia has been accredited with production of high quality wines and the demand for the product is overwhelming in Asian markets. Other objectives set to be achieved by
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They will also be required to evaluate whether the objectives are met by carrying out annual assessments and reviews.
HVWC was established in 1990 by the Smith family and over the years, the company has managed to upscale its production by increasing production resources, production capacity and improving the distribution mechanisms. Though the company has struggled to keep up with the quality demands, viticulture and viniculture studies have however enabled the company see remarkable developments in increasing quality to the extent that the company has managed to collect various awards and gain international recognition as high quality wine manufacturers. This plan is therefore set to promote strategic effort that will steer the company’s success further and will be based on information gained from:
1. Industry research
2. Survey of international markets
3. Survey of market and consumer trends
4. Distributor roundtables
5. Discussions with major retailers
6. Future assessments of growth in wine markets
This plan also discusses the challenges facing HVWC and the corrective measures aimed at addressing these challenges. The plan also directs and allocates administrative duties to the HVWC board and will include:
1. An annual written review of the advancement, challenges faced and objectives already achieved;
2. Periodic evaluations from committees giving the
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