The Value Of How I Am Seen

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The Value of How I Am Seen Frequently traveling and uprooting what I have considered to be home has left my family as one of the only constants in my life. Through the great deal of experiences and challenges I have faced alongside my family, I have learned through both positive and negative means some of the things I truly value. The interactions between my sister and I in particular are predominantly amiable, but over some of the coarser periods of time in our relationship, our personal vendettas against one another have shown me that I value my public image above most things in life. It is for this reason when asked to give something of true value away, I have chosen to hand the keys of my kingdom to my sister, in the form of my Facebook email and password information. While this material may seem like an inconsequential offering to observers of different generations or walks of life, it is the nature and history of my relationship with my sister coupled with the significance this information holds to me that tells of the true sacrifice made in giving access to such a powerful tool. Before analyzing the degree to how much I valued what I gave my sister, it is important to understand what true value is. While value in terms of a currency or some means of exchange is seemingly one of the easier ways to determine something’s worth, an item’s history to the owner and the impact of its absence is a better determinate of its true value. I have found that in my case, given

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