The Value Proposition Of Starbuck 's And Smoothie King Essay

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Introduction: The Daily LLC is a business that I chose to create that serves the community in two ways. The Daily LLC provides both services and products to the local community to establish a place of higher learning and development through on the spot tutoring, mentorship, and private study areas, while also allowing our customers to benefit from the elements of a cereal bar where we will provide several forms of cereal, juices, smoothies, coffee, and fruits and vegetables as an all day experience to our customers. In this paper, I will further describe our different products and services in greater detail while educating the audience on our value proposition. In addition, I will compare our product to that of our immediate competition, Starbuck’s and Smoothie King. As a business entering into the market place, the value that The Daily LLC will bring to the market are uniqueness in the way we do business, 24/7 operations, and a larger variety of products that our competitors do not currently offer. When I thought about how I wanted the Daily LLC to stand out amongst our competitors, I wanted to development a newsstand, library, and bar atmosphere and bring them all together into a cereal bar. Imagine walking into a bar and hearing smooth jazz playing at a low level, once you look to the left/right you will see a bar area where customer can go sit and enjoy a variety of cereal, smoothie, coffee, etc. while networking with others in the community; now look behind

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