The Various Stages Of A Criminal Trial

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What are the various stages of a criminal trial? Describe each one.

The various stages of criminal trials is certain stages of arrest that take place, and develop to an end point of examination. The defendant is held and reasoned by question whether or not there was a crime that has been committed. A trial can be reasoned and argue the case. This is done to have a conviction of the defendant, and to be proven guilty.
One of the first stages is the “pleading stage” and it starts by filing of complaint by documentation that is submitted, leading into a summon and response, then a motion to dismissal of claims, and motion from judgment. The second stage is “pretrial” which questions are to be answered for the finding of facts. Pretrial leads into a motion for a summary judgement, which is reviewed to seek if there is enough merit. Cases could be dismissed if the facts are not relevant. Last for the pretrial stage is the pretrial order, and it is when the case will be determined by the court and all parties are recognized. The trial is last to take place with a jury selection and an opening statement for the jury. After an opening statement the plaintiff testimony is held for the “proceedings consists of the plaintiffs” who then present their experts and/or witness. There is the defense testimony in the following along with the redirection and recall, a closing argument, a charge to the jury who evaluates the case, then leads into the verdict, and last a judgement.
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