The Verichip and Its Use Essay

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The Verichip and Its Use
This piece of technology was manufactured and is being marketed by the VeriChip Corporation. The VeriChip is a microprocessor used for verification and identification. A VeriChip can also be referred to as a radiofrequency identification tag, abbreviated as RFID. The VeriChip is used by doctors and is implanted under the human skin behind the triceps of the right arm, between the elbow and shoulder with the use of a syringe and when done the device can be used to identify the person’s medical history, credit-card number, security clearance and even club membership status. The chip is no bigger than 12 mm long and 21 mm in diameter. The insertion of the VeriChip takes approximately 20 seconds and this procedure
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These Wearable tags alert the monitoring user about the other person’s whereabouts. Lastly the Attachable tags which can use both the active and passive RFID tags. The Attachable tag also refers to the bar code technology used within the ToolHound equipment and tool software mobile industrial assets, in other words items that are tagged like the tools and equipment and other parts can be found when needed, they can be tracked for maintenance and protected from theft, and loss which then insures maximum utilization. The VeriChip that is implanted into the body is considered to be a passive RFID tag because it doesn’t use or contain batteries and due to that the VeriChip remains inactive until a proprietary scanner activates it. Passive RFID tags, like the VeriChip, boast a number of unique, significant features. Passive RFID tags have longer lifetimes than active RFID tags (with onboard batteries) and the, the estimated lifetime of a VeriChip is over 20 years. The passive RFID tags can only broadcast low-frequency radio waves because of their minimal power. In the VeriChip’s case, it broadcasts on the low-frequency (LF) band between 125 and 134.2 KHz (Fox, 2004). Given the VeriChip’s low power, the tag

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