The Victimless Creator and the Victim Essay

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Have you ever wondered why something bad ever happened in a person’s life, it is because they play the victim’s role instead of wising up and becoming a Creator. Skip Downing describes both a creator and victim in a well thought out piece. A victim is a person that blames everyone for all the bad things that happen in their life. Instead of accepting responsibilities for their mistakes they try to find a way out. A creator is a good, whole hearted person that brings new life into all situations. They try to think of the most positive outcome. A victim and a creator have two different mindsets, and they have different characteristics that makes them who they are (Downing ). My son’s father Derrick plays the role of a victim. He blames …show more content…

She would say “I don’t mind watching him, it’s no problem”. She thinks of a positive outcome to every situation. She is very inspirational. She says “I want to see you succeed in life, and be the very best mother that you can be too Nehemiah”. She gives me advice on all kinds of situation and how her life was affected by that same problem. She does not judge a person based on how they act or how they look. She is open and kind to any and every one she meets. She will give me the clothes off her back just to make sure I am successful in life. She defends me when she says “you are a very good mother, you do stuff that wouldn’t no one would had thought was that serious”.

I will adapt a creator mindset by making sure that I get all my work turned in on time. I will not use me being tired from working the night before or staying up with my son as an excuse as to why I can’t get my work done. I normally blame the fact that I don’t have a computer is the reason why I can’t get my work done. I will study more when I am not doing anything other than just laying down and relaxing. I will go the extra step to get my work done, like I will go to the library on my days off or stay after school and work with my teacher. I normally get embarrassed to ask questions, so instead of asking I deal with the mistake and don’t get help. I will ask the teacher for help if I need help and not let nothing hold me back. Whenever

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