The Victims Of The Victim

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Victim Myths When people think about crime, they often try to side with either the victim or the perpetrator. In some crimes, victims are often blamed for the perpetrator’s actions. In these cases myths begin to develop and victims are labelled as the wrongdoers. A crime in specific in which there are many myths and stigmas associated to victims is rape. Many people believe that with rape the victims always attract rapist by the way they dress and behave. These factors are always incorrect because rape is a sexually violent act done to gain control and power over a victim. Myth One-Rape is Uncommon Many people are unaware of multiple cases of rape due to underreporting. The factors that causes underreporting is not uncommon and they affect victim’s willingness to report. “The NCVS does not stress privacy while conducting in-house interviews to gather its statistics on rape. This could prove problematic in instances where a family member is the abuser.” Majority of rape is done by someone well-known to the victim. This is so because the victims are easier to targets. “A major conflict between different surveys is the lack of a uniform definition of rape, specifically one that truly reflects the nature of sexual assault for all genders.” This is a problem because in many cases some acts that may have been a component of rape in one survey may not be considered as rape in another survey. (Thomas, 2013) Myth Two-Women Who Dress Revealing Intentionally Tease and Excite Men,

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