The Views Of The Middle East

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The Perspective of Conservatives

From the perspective of many Americans, the Middle East is a world apart, incomparable and without connection with culture or tradition. The truth of the matter is that Islamic influence has been pervasive in American society for many years. What were once predominately Christian institutions, have become more willing to allow Islamic culture and religion influences into their organizations. While the Muslim community has made substantial contributions in the areas of science and commerce, the impact of the Islamic religion itself has been much more noticeable on the social landscape of America.

Changes in religious traditions are difficult for any nation to endure. When you consider that Christianity has been the primary religion in America since it was founded, it’s understandable why Christians have not been so willing to accept the Islamic faith into American culture.

Furthermore, the majority of Americans still believe in the slogan "Never Forget" or "Always Remember" which is forever attached to the events of September 11, 2001. With only 14 years between now and that fateful day, memories of the 19 Islamic radicals crashing two planes into the World Trade Center still resonate for many Americans. For them, it 's hard to forget that it was Islamic extremist 's who caused the deaths of over 3,000 fellow American citizens.

To adjust to the new rules of society and conform to rules of so-called “political correctness” is still a

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