The Violence Of Police Brutality Essay

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Recently in the media there has been an uproar about the treatments that citizens receive from the police in addition to how the citizens interact with police. Video footage has shown police brutality that is sometimes questionable, which often dictates on the how the community views them by causing tension. Accusations of Police brutality is nothing new but it isn’t until recently that it is being recorded and it is difficult to correct the actions of someone if there is not enough evidence provided. Recent advancements in technology police accountable for their actions. In recent years Police departments have introduced the use of police body cameras. Body cameras increases the accountability and transparency of the officer and citizen. Body cameras will serve as a preventive method by reassuring the citizen and officer they are being monitored, which will also help them to be more cautious of their actions. They will also reduce the complaints by a significant amount. With body cameras in place, if an accident were to occur it would also be easier to come up with solutions on how the problem should be adequately addressed. While we focus our issue around holding citizens and police accountable we will base our study on the effectiveness of body cameras and how they should be implemented when it comes to citizen-police encounters. In our study will also conduct the cost of implementing the police cameras, reduction of complaints, privacy matters, and also future encounters

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