The Vulnerabilities Of Passwords And Security Essay

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Passwords for access to personal phones, computers, online portals, and websites has become very prevalent and the best practice for authentication. Additionally, passwords authenticate mobile phones, computer networks and databases for many software applications. However, ensuring that passwords are encrypted, and safe have become one of the greatest challenges for most organizations. This paper will review some of the vulnerabilities of the use of passwords and provide controls to implementation to assist with the management and handling of passwords.
Ineffectiveness of Passwords
We are living in an information-driven world today that requires us to protect what and how we share this information. To access the guarded data or information we want to protect requires either a password or a pin. A password is a string or group of combined characters precise in length. Passwords and pins are suppositional, and more consideration is seriously required. They are the primary defense against intrusion. However, they can be easily captured and deciphered by cyber criminals. The security in this area is challenging due to the ineffectiveness of the creation of passwords and pins. Kirushnaamoni (2013) elicits that making logging in straightforward and convenient for users and trying to prevent password cracking is problematic. Cyber criminals will continue to persist and target the vulnerabilities in this area. Therefore, personally, financial, health and

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