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The Walking Dead is a fictional television show based off of a graphic novel series. The series is a tale of survival in a world that is overrun with zombies. The story begins with the main character, Rick, waking up in an abandoned hospital, surrounded by a world crawling with the reanimated dead. He sets out from the hospital looking for his wife and son. He soon learns that the old ways of the world no longer apply and he must learn the new rules of survival quickly or he will become one of the walking dead. There are many reasons why this television show is great, mostly because I enjoy the group dynamics and the storyline. The group dynamics are a big reason why I like the show. As Rick sets out to find his family, he meets a number of fellow survivors during his travels. These characters form a group to not only increase their chance of survival but to gain the possibility of having a family again. Many of the characters in the group have strong personalities. Some examples of this are Rick, Carol, and Glen. Each one of these characters holds a different meaning to me.

Rick’s character has shown me the good and bad points of leadership. Rick in his former life was a sheriff deputy and was used to being in charge. During his time as the group leader, Rick had to make choices that have cost the lives of people in his group. He has also led his people to safety and provided for their needs. When you balance the good vs the bad decisions Rick demonstrates

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