The War I Was Considered The Great War

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World War I is considered the Great war, “the war to end all wars.” Under President Woodrow Wilson, America entered a war that was the first of its kind, involving several major powers worldwide. Starting in Europe, World War I would lead to changes that still affect the world today. The Great War also produced questions on morals, loyalty, and nationalism that are still relevant today. Before the Great War progressed too far, Woodrow Wilson explicitly stated, “the United States must be neutral.” America 's neutrality was the clear choice in 1914. The US was in good standings with both the Central and Allied powers and the American people had split loyalties. However, three short years later, President Wilson was tasked with making the decision to join the Allies and enter the fight on April 6, 1917. This came after several key events that the United States could no longer ignore. First, the British placed a naval blockade that prevented neutral nations, like the United States, from trading with Germany and its allies. Germany quickly responded with a new weapon of destruction: the U-boat. U-boats were submarines with the capability of being submerged in water for long periods of time, and would sneak up on unsuspecting targets and torpedo them. Germany was quick to announce that any boat connected to the Allied Powers were liable to be destroyed. Not only did Germany attack warships, they began attacking civilian ships, like cruise liners. By 1915, Germany announced they…

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