The U.s. And Wwi

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Chase Blevins
Final Exam Essay
The U.S. & WWI
The Great War, or World War I as it has become known as, changed the world in the way everyone had known it to be up until the war started. In June 1914, a nationalist from Serbia assassinated the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The assassination was the first of many events that led to the beginning of the First World War. The war caused a great change in the American stance in the world; it caused the world power nation to turn into a superpower. With the war came the weapons race. None of the countries involved were quite prepared for the large magnitude the war would cause, and all the guns, ammunition, ships, tanks, uniforms, etc. each nation would need for their troops to survive and to have a chance at winning the war. When the Austro-Hungarian heir was assonated, the nation declared war on Serbia. Serbia was allies with Russia, who in turn declared war on Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was allies with Germany who declared war on Russia. France who was allies with Russia declared war on Germany. Finally Great Britain decides to declare war, and now, most of the major nations in the western hemisphere are at war, creating the First World War. The United States remained neutral at first, and tried to continue trading with nations on both sides of the war. The war had such a drastic affect on the world economy, that even though the United States was not at war at the time,…

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