The War Of Palestine

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May 15 was rapidly approaching, the day chosen for the British armed forces to vacate Palestine. Many thought, along with the British troops departure, went Israel’s only hope of survival; for 5 Arab nations were prepared to attack the defenseless state. On the other hand, there were those who refused to go down without a fight. Among them the few brave souls willing to risk everything to ensure our survival; to ensure there would never be another Holocaust. These heroic men created the first Israeli Air Force, an asset that played an essential role in the War of 1948. The five attacking Arab nations were about to be taken by surprise, as the fledgling state began to take flight.
On May 15th, 5 Arab nations, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, …show more content…

President Truman felt by imposing an arms embargo, he would minimize bloodshed in Palestine, threatening those who violated the embargo with denaturalization. As a result, any arms to be used by Israel had to be either smuggled, or obtained illegally. While America tried to stay neutral, Britain clearly showed that they favored the side of the Palestinians. Robert A. Lovett, an American Secretary of State requested that the British not send weapons to the Arab nations, but his request was declined and they sent additional weapons to Transjordan and Iraq, thereby strengthening Israel’s need for additional weaponry. Ben Gurion knew that without a stronger military, he and his homeland would be utterly demolished. He established a group of international volunteers, given the acronym MACHAL from the words, “Mitnadvay Chutz La’aretz”, which means, “from countries outside of the land”. The IAF began with 70% of their fighters being overseas volunteers, from 16 different countries. But Ben-Gurion turned to America, in search of an underground method to obtain both American military supplies and American Dollars.
Al Schwimmer and Hyman Shechtman were in charge of recruiting volunteers from North America for the IAF. They were responsible for identifying former World War II veterans, for both the air and ground crew of the air force. Schwimmer and Shechtman searched through illegally obtained American Air Force records for pilots with Jewish sounding names, and called old

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