The War Of The American War Essay

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The definition of war is “a state of armed conflict between different nations, or states, or different groups within a nation, or state.” The phrase “armed conflict” is normally looked at with a negative connotation, as well as all the deaths and debts that come with war. But some wars better a country in the long run, like the Spanish American War. The action of this war began in April of 1898, and ended in August of the same year. If we are speaking technically we could say the foundation of this war began in the late 1400’s, when Spain founded the majority of the western hemisphere. This war lasted (on the battlefield) for only ten weeks, which is very short compared to other wars America has been involved in. Many people would never think of a war as significant, but the good that came out of The Spanish American War easily outweighs the bad. Don 't get me wrong, death is never a good thing, but if we look at the bright side, our country grew tremendously because of this war, as well as other countries. First of all, The United States positioned as a Pacific Power, and Spain’s power in the western hemisphere was taken away. America’s power was substantialized in the Caribbean Region because of our positioning in the Pacific, plus we were given the rights to Hawaii because of this war. Since the U.S. was drastically growing in the land aspect, America now had access to grow with, and learn from Asia. Also, The Treaty of Paris was created because of this war, which gave

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