The War Of The Nazi Party

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A well-structured government is one where the people have a say, one where everyone’s rights were protected. Through our Constitution and Bill of Rights the United States is a federal republic. A government where only one person is in power, a dictatorship, is a dangerous government. An example of a dictatorship would be Adolf Hitler. After becoming the leader of the Nazi party Hitler aimed to gain power over all of Germany. Hitler gained public support to the Nazi party by promising wonderful changes if he was elected. Paul von Hindenburg eventually appointed him Chancellor. He rose and manipulated people into electing him and soon after the death of Hindenburg; Hitler became the fuhrer. Hitler had power over all of Germany and his word was the law. Germany was controlled by a dictatorship. Germany didn’t have any freedom under the rule of Hitler. Thanks to the Bill of Rights we are protected with freedom and liberty. There are limits made to our government to protect us. Natural human rights are something everyone should be entitled to, any form of government that has too much power and control over the people is not a just government. Once Hitler took power he made sure to take down his enemies by arresting Socialists, Communist, trade union leaders and others against the Nazi party, some of these people were even murdered. In 1933 the first concentration camp for political prisoners was made. These political people were attacked because they were opponents to Hitler
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