The War Of The Palestine

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Many Americans are not aware of the genocide that is occurring between Palestine and Israel—or the fact that their tax money is feeding Israeli war crimes. What many fail to understand is what’s occurring is not a war, it’s mass murder. Innocent Palestinians are being killed, beaten, kidnapped, and tortured on a daily basis. Israel has been occupying Palestinian and pushing the Palestinians out of their homeland, where they have lived for centuries. The Jews, who are Khazar blood (in present day Israel), migrated to Palestine in order to “reclaim” their ancestral homeland (If Americans Knew: What every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine, 2015). The Question is, did their ancestors really originate from Palestine, or is this only an excuse to invade and occupy Palestine in order to turn it into a Jewish State? Does Israel really have the right to exist and defend itself? Looking back at the history of Palestine before the war of 1940; it’s been stated that Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived in Palestine in harmony. During the 19th century there was 86 percent Muslims, 10 percent Christians, and 4 percent Jewish residents who settled in Palestine. Many claim that Palestine never existed. This is false, Palestine existed before 1948. Below is a coin during the year 1927 which was worth 10 Mils. If you take a closer look at the coin, you’ll notice the word Palestine is written in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. This in fact proves that not only did Palestine exist and
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