The War Of World War II Essay

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Throughout the span of American history, there have been many culturally significant eras. Following the atrocity of World War II, Americas economy began improving rapidly. A new decade represents another period of triumphs and tragedies, that are inevitably apart of an cultures history. The excess of new products created lead to a significant change in americans perceptions. New technology becoming available for public consumption helped improve the quality of families lives. From the approval of the hydrogen bomb production, to the commercialization of Disneyland, the 1950’s remains as one of the most culturally significant decades in American history. After witnessing the entire world engage in a horrific war, America’s stance of neutrality came to an end. America entered the war late, which gave the allies an great advantage over Germany, and resulted in Nazi forces being completely surrounded and overtaken by the allies. Britain desperately needed America’s assistance and since Franklin Roosevelt knew that giving weapons directly to the allies would spark massive controversy. His solution was signing the Lend lease act on March 11th, 1941. This act would allow the US to lend ally countries such as Britain, Russia, France and China, life saving supplies. Due to the drastic amount of weapons, such as machine guns, tanks, fighter planes, submarines, and ships, needed in such a short period of time, automotive facilities were temporarily transformed into mass
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