The War Of World War II Essay

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World War II is known as the largest and bloodiest war in history. Well over 50 million people died in the six years of the war claiming the most lives in any war in history. The War consisted of the Allies and the Axis Powers. The Allies being Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, The United States, and China and the Axis Powers being Germany, Japan, and Italy. Despite the many countries that participated in the war, Germany and the Nazi party were considered to be the main enemy. Many great battles were fought in WWII and many weapons of warfare were utilized in combat. Million upon millions of lives were lost to the Second World War. While many believe Hitler and the Nazi army to be the cause of WWII, there were other events that set the war in motion and caused the rise of the Nazi army. Many people assume that Hitler and the Nazi party were the only cause of starting World War II, but there were many other events that took place before World War II. It mainly started at the end of World War I. Germany realized that they could not win the war against Allies and instead signed a treaty. With the peace treaty, Germany owed England and France over 10 billion dollars. This destoyed Germany’s economy. Unemployment rose 40% and there was anger and uprising all throughout the nation. The people of Germany were enraged and distraught with the state of things. The people of Germany were humiliated by the loss of the war and the payment that was owed due to the Treaty. Hitler

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