Essay on The War on Pharmaceutical Companies

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In America, it has become a battle to earn a high paying job to cope with the expenses of a typical American. It has become even more of a battle for some people to afford medical prescriptions to keep healthy. Health becomes a crucial issue when discussed among people. No matter what, at one point or another, everyone is going to stand as a victim of the pharmaceutical industry. The bottom line is Americans are paying excessive amounts of money for medical prescriptions. Health-Care spending in the U.S. rose a stunning 9.3% in 2002, which is the greatest increase for the past eleven years. (Steele 46) Many pharmaceutical companies are robbing their clients by charging extreme rates for their products. It is said that name-brand …show more content…

government has avoided to regulate lower prices. The American Government is also taking advantage of their citizens by supporting these companies. They supply them with their support because they make so much off taxes from the desperate people purchasing drugs. (…too much influence, web) Since Canada is selling their medical prescriptions for a cost of approximately 40% less than the U.S., pharmaceutical companies are furious and enraged. Pfizer Inc., which stands as the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, is eager to terminate drugs being supplied from Canada in the U.S. Pfizer demanded that Canadian wholesale distributors present reports itemizing past and present sales of their products to drugstores. However, Pfizer is not the only corporation after Canada’s dealing. So are companies such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly and Wyeth. These companies are unhappy because Americans have discovered they are able to save a lot of money by depending on Canada’s wholesale distributors. (….drug Pricing Reform) Not much of a surprise, the FDA is in full support with these avaricious pharmaceutical companies.      Prescription Drug Reimportation is a bill, not yet passed into a law. But if done so, it will have power to allow consumers to have availability to lower prices for prescription drugs that exist in other countries. This law will be favorable for Americans because it will enable them to save a ton of money on

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