The Washington Redskins Should Be Forced To Change Their Name

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The Washington Redskins should be forced to change their name. The term “Redskin” means a person with red skin referring to Indians. It also comes from the scalping of indians causing blood to rush down their faces making their skin red. The name is considered a racial slur. It is the equivalent to having a team named “N**ger”(Redskin slang). Since the name has remained the same, people think it is okay to call indians this name(Haden). People who disagree with changing the name point out the poll that shows 90% of natives aren’t offended by the team name(Cox). However, there was a survey in 2014 saying that 66% of indians living on the reservation are offended. Speculations are made wondering if the poll was bias. Another reason why the Redskins should change their name is because the team loses revenue for keeping an offensive name(Keating). Due to the offensive name the supreme court appealed the registration and trademark for the Washington football team(Person). Those against this claim would argue about the owner of the team clinging to the name. Dan Snyder won’t give up the name because of…show more content…
His grandfather rolled down the window and yelled “Hey Redskin, get in the back!” Jeff looked up at his grandfather shocked. Later Jeff asked his grandfather why he said it, and his grandfather couldn’t muster up an answer. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with calling someone that name. Nobody had ever cared enough to get offended by this racial slur. Until one later someone did care. Jeff and his grandfather were at a grocery when he said the name in a greeting. “Please don’t call me that Mr. Smith,” said Joe Joe’s grandfather was quick to apologize to Joe. Later that day Joe had asked “I thought you said there was nothing wrong with that word.” Mr. Smith responded saying that he didn’t think anything of the word, but a man should be called what he
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