Essay about The Way I am Viewed as a Bisexual Woman

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Being a Bisexual

In today’s society, how would you feel if someone thought you were abnormal for going against the odds? For me being a bisexual women, “a person who is attracted to people of both sexes” (Orndorff, 1999), I usually tend to get some weird looks but I also have people who do not care who I am attracted to. There are some bisexuals who have monogamous relationships, being with one partner. Then there are some who have polyfidelitous relationships, meaning “in which three or more people are all primary partners with each other, are sexual only with these primary partners, and have a lifelong commitment to one another” (Orndorff, 1999) (Question 1). Being bisexual doesn’t change who I am, or what I do, but it does change …show more content…

Since I am open about being bisexual, my family, close friends, and my work are on board with it. When my girlfriend and I go to a club or a party, men usually ask if they “can watch” (Orndorff, 1999). It really rubs me the wrong way because it’s a constant question that we get, and very annoying might I add. Just because we are two women in a relationship doesn’t mean that we are in a relationship to satisfy every man’s dream of seeing two women being intimate. There are many stereotypes that people have of bisexuals. One stereotype that is placed on bisexuals is that “every bisexual person feels the need to be involved with both a man and a woman, or that they will have sex with anyone who is available to them (Orndorff, 1999). Lesbians, too, even have stereotypes about bisexuals. “Some lesbians believe, that bisexual women are not serious about any relationship they have with a woman, because (they believe) bisexual women would place more importance on any relationship with a man.” (Orndorff, 1999). Bottom line is that bisexuals do not conform to these stereotypes, only a handful do (Question 5).
1. “Why do you choose to be with a woman over a man?” 2. “If you and your woman partner want kids, how would one of you get pregnant?” (Orndorff, 1999). 3. “Since you are both women and are sexually active, are you still able to spread HIV?”

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