The Weaknesses And Strengths Of Airasia Company

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Next, one of the strengths for AirAsia company would be it has a very strong management team and also significant links with government and airline industry leaders. This can be said so is because the executive management teams are mostly built up by relevant industry experts and ex-top government officials. In addition, without the protection of national airlines brought about by deregulation, building alliances as strategy became necessary for many airlines to stay competitive and gain access to a global market too huge for any existing airline to dominate. There was a case where Shin Corp which is formerly owned by the family of former Thai Prime Minister which named Thaksin Shinawatra holds a 50% stake in Thai AirAsia. This has successfully helped AirAsia to open up and capture a sizeable…show more content…
Air asia provides air travel at substantially lower prices is also known as no-frills or discount carrier. The company offers low fares according to cut out the "non-essential" service. The low cost of airline ticket is extremely basic because it attains high passenger loads and cut out all the extra. It means that the company does not provide meals, drinks, or snacks served free on board. The low cost airlines offer the economy flight which is narrow seat compare with wider business class seats. It also does not allocate seats for passengers as like "free seating" to make passengers board the flight early to get their seat. The additional of schemes or sale promotion activities do not offer by the company as the pricing structures are low. Low cost airline is related to the operating cost are kept to the bare minimum with low wages, low airport fees, low long term maintenance contracts rates, and low fares. So that, Air Asia is able to reduce the overhead and investment in equipments substantially absence of fringe services. Therefore, Air Asia has the operating cost compared to other competitor
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