The Weapons Of Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear weapon, as defined by Oxford dictionary, is a "bomb or missile that uses nuclear energy to cause an explosion". This explosion can cause a massive obliteration within a very short time. The first and only appalling event these nuclear weapons have ever been used was in Japan 1945 against the innocent civilians of Nagasaki and Hiroshima which killed around 185,000 citizens in total, as stated by BBC UK. (1)Despite the development and creation of several treaties and solutions to eradicate or reduce the use of weapons in order to increase security around the world, the abolition of these weapons is a very far away dream. The possession of nuclear weapons, at present day, is a very futile utility as it causes catastrophic harm towards…show more content…
More so, this essay will elaborate on several incidences where nuclear weapons, along with their management and development by extension, have been disastrous.
As a catastrophically negative effect humanity would not be able to rise from the pain, suffering and death. I strongly believe that ownership of nuclear weapons leads to harm and destruction with the long term effects of disease and ,eventually, death. The chain of reaction leads to mass destruction. For example, in 1945, the United Stated bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki city, led to 185,000 deaths, 70% of physical destruction as well as amplified rates of diseases such as Cancer. Japan may have surrendered but the generations to come suffer the effects the most and the world would only experience this effect through movies and historical text. If that was not enough evidence, then the nuclear testing legacies such as Chernobyl and three mile island incidents showed the effects of these nuclear weapons . The Chernobyl disaster, led to the death of thirty people and generations of increased thyroid cancer.(3) As seen by the events mentioned, the making, testing and thereafter employment of these weapons leads to intolerable disasters. “Nuclear weapons are unique in their destructive power, in the unspeakable human
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