The Weimar Republic Was Little More Than A Loose Confederation Of Counties

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The counties of Germany were largely independent due to the fact they had only been unified for roughly forty-five years. Therefore, the Weimar Republic was little more than a loose confederation of counties originally united under a strong authoritarian government. Due to this the benefits bestowed upon each veteran varied depending on the place they called home. Munich and Wurttemberg had systems where benefits would be coordinated through a central provincial government. Bavaria’s system was the most centralized and uniformed, therefore, one of the most efficient at dispersing benefits. However, many of the other counties in Germany parlayed the responsibility to the state approved welfare associations. (page 66) Many argued for the imperial government and later the republic to create a federal system to care for the disabled veterans. However, the state refused and instead pushed for charities such as Home Front to do more. Germany believed by empowering Home Front they were empowering the people to care for veterans and lessening the burdened placed on the state. The state hoped to spread the burden across many people to ensure no one entity crumbled under the pressure. (page 67)

In July of 1919, the war had finally ended and the largest parade London had ever been privy to was underway. The Peace Procession included more than four hundred thousand servicemen, including the medical corps and the military policeman. The citizens of London were ecstatic and began

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