The Welasco Police Department

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Law enforcement is one of the three major components of the criminal justice system of the United States, along with courts and corrections. It operates primarily through governmental police agencies. Enforcement purposes of these agencies are the investigations to the courts, and the temporary detention of suspended criminals pending judicial action. Police officers work in partnerships with the communities they serve to maintain law and order, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens, and protect the members of the public and their property. The Weslaco Police Department has eleven divisions. It has a great patrol division and community policing division. One of the department’s goals is to be more involved with the community, parents, and children. Similarities that the Weslaco Police Department and the textbook “An Introduction to Policing”, are the hiring and recruiting process. Almost every police department in the United States works the same way in that process. Many police departments require that applicants be high school graduates and with a certain number of college hours. Applicants must be at least twenty-one years of age and U.S. citizens. In some departments weight and height are not important. Since most police departments fall under the civil service regulations, all applicants must pass written tests that measure their analytical skills. Applicants must also pass a physical exam. Where they must do a

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