The Welcome Table Analysis

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The story, “The Welcome Table” was one of my favorites to read during the Literature course. There is a very deep cultural significance to this story. First, it is told by the writer who appears to understand the thoughts, feelings, and struggles of the elderly black woman who is the focus of this controversy. There are still many scenarios of racist behavior that exists today. It is just sad that the lady walks a long distance by herself to go to church, and is quickly looked down upon, and eventually escorted out of the building. Even the reverend had said, “Auntie, you know this is not your church?” (Clugston, 2014, Ch.2, p. 17) Normally, you do not hear of this exact behavior going on in modern times, but there is discrimination that …show more content…

Towards the end of the story, a rather interesting and unique thing happens as the woman meets Jesus. It seems fitting since she just left the church. I had a hard time trying to figure out if the lady had died, was going crazy, or just dreaming. The writer did a great job of describing the scene that was taking place, and all of us can wonder if this is what going to heaven is like. In addition to the cultural aspects of race that clearly exist. The aspect of religion plays a prominent role in “The Welcome Place” as well. Religion is a big part of many cultural beliefs. I had taken an introduction to religion course and was amazed by the different beliefs, and rituals than many different religions possess. I now have a better understanding of why certain holidays are important to certain groups, and the reasoning that such religions like Islamic pray a certain amount of times during the day. Diversity plays a critical part to working for and especially having a leading role in an organization. Keeping the mindset that everyone, regardless of their background, can make a positive contribution and their input should be valued as such. This is one of the ways that a company can improve its performance …show more content…

I may have to make a big decision on whether to leave the company that I have been with for fourteen years for a new employer or not. This would be a significant gamble as I have built up quite a bit of seniority and make a good salary and benefits already. I always tell myself that leaving would have to really make sense. I could see taking a small pay cut to obtain better hours, work location, and a career that will give me the opportunity to grow. The best scenario would be for me to be accepted into another role with my present employer. Doing this, will allow me to keep the seniority that I have in case the new position does not work out very well. The goal is to move to a warmer climate, preferably Florida, have a job with a good salary, enjoy what I do, and have a better overall quality of life. Unfortunately, my employer is amid a massive organization change that is eliminating departments and management personnel. So, the hopes of making this change within the company seem very slim. Regardless of what happens, I believe in doing things the right way. Antigone experiences this type of attribute. She uses the line, “but I know I’ll please the ones I’m duty bound to please” (Clugston, 2014, Ch. 12. P. 13). She is saying from a religious standpoint, the she needs to do what is going to please God, instead of trying to always please other people or even herself. One

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