The Wilder Boy

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Imagine being always on the run constantly. That is what Jake and Taylor Wilder feel present all the time throughout the whole book. The Author (Brandon Wallace) does an amazing job of creating this sense of uneasiness throughout the entire book. The Wilder boys have many problems arise throughout this book and it’s what they chose to do that brings them closer to failure. The Boys Jake and Taylor are ages 11 and 13. Jake being the older of the two and tyler the younger. Jake loves to read and is a kind older brother. I know this because on page 11 of the book he jumps in front of his little brother to protect him. Bull is their mom’s abusive and crime ridden boyfriend. Their mother can’t do much because she is always sick and in bed. Their real dad, Abe Wilder is a dreamer who left them to live off the land in wyoming. …show more content…

They Pack up their things into backpacks and hop onto a freight train to chicago. When in chicago the boys meet a trucker named Sharon who drives them all the way to wyoming. Than they hid in the bottom luggage department of a bus on their way to the Tetons. When They reach the Tetons they make a little camp by a small secluded lake. An scary thing that happens is a Black Bear attacks their camp for the berries they picked. Then they get caught by a Forest Ranger and run into the woods. Where they meet Skeet. Skeet got his arm stuck under a boulder and the boys freed him. In return he showed them how to survive in the wilderness. He took them to the ranger station because he heard their mom was there looking for them. At the ranger station Bull is waiting for the boys so they don’t say anything and he doesn’t go to jail. The boys beat up Bull and escape to the cliff where their father lives. Bull and their father get in a fight and Abe (their father) wins. And it ends with them Going to sleep that night with their father that they

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