The Willpower Instinct, By Aimee Groth

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“In a recent study of one million people around the world, researchers found that most viewed self-control as their biggest weakness and character failure.” quoted from the article, “14 Facts About Decision Making and Willpower”, by Aimee Groth of the Business Insider. Willpower is the ability to use your inner strength to control and carry out your decisions. Having the ability to control your mind and body to resist your desires is extremely influential for reaching any goal. In the book, The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., a Stanford psychologist explains how willpower works and how we can improve our own willpower by knowing the way our brain thinks. “According to the American Psychological Association, Americans name lack of willpower as the number-one reason they struggle to meet their own goals.” (McGonigal 1) Since people view self-control as such an immense flaw, it makes sense that willpower is the number-one reason for not meeting one’s target because most people will not have enough willpower to prevent themselves from giving in. By learning how our brain processes and understands willpower, we can further delve into the workings of our mind. While feel-good effects such as moral licensing and progress may seem harmless, they will ultimately lead to setbacks, similarly to how negative ideas of borrowing credit from tomorrow and the what-the-hell effect will destroy improvement in willpower, however the power of pride can prove to be beneficial in

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