The Wolf: A Short Narrative Essay

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The Wolf
We called *Jamie Masterson “Wolf” because when things got crazy, you could expect a long Virginia backwoods howl from Wolf. He did it, to relieve stress. Everyone within ear-shod, could relate to it. We all wanted to howl sometimes.

Wolf, myself, Sergeant Bosworth and Claude Von Plueren of hung out together after work. To relieve stress, we'd tell stories and drink a few beers. Wolf liked to laugh a lot and he admired Sergeant Bosworth.
In his early twenties, and fresh out of the military, Wolf stood tall and as skinny as a rail. His broken front tooth, was his most identifying feature. Wolf and I popped a few cell doors together and I respected Wolf for that.

On October 16th, 1987, Wolf and I stood near the bottom of the …show more content…

I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it looked ugly. A few seconds later, Bender shoulder butted Wolf and knocked him backwards. Bender threw a couple of punches at Wolf, but most of them just grazed his shoulders.

Officer Shayne Richards and I, pushed our way past a dozen inmates to get between Bender and Wolf. Wolf stepped backwards and called a 10-5 (emergency) over his radio. Staff responded, and all the inmates were forced into their cells.

We all wrote memorandums about the incident, and Bender was placed in 5C lockup for striking Wolf. The rest of the Aryans were furious, and that fury was directed at “Wolf.” A rumor quickly spread that Bender might get charged for assaulting Wolf.

Nine days after the assault, Wolf wrote a new memorandum. In his report, he stated that Bender had NOT assaulted him but he was guilty of “creating a disturbance.”

After that, I began to notice that Wolf wasn’t around anymore. I hadn’t seen him since the altercation with Bender. I figured Wolf might have taken vacation. Wolf rarely missed work. He lived for that danger crap.

Then one day, a big white inmate walks up to me on one of the tiers. The guy was shirtless and I could see the tattoo of a huge bat on his back. The bat drawing covered his “whole” back! I will never forget that tattoo.

“Greer I guess you heard your buddy Wolf is gone?” “No I didn’t. Where’s he

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