The Wolf Of Wall Street Essay

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The movie, The Wolf of Wall Street released in 2013, focuses Jordan Belfort in 1987 had a series of life events beginning in 1987. Jordan Belfort acquires a job at a Rothschild, large Wall Street brokerage firm. The stock market fell by 508 points, known as Black Monday, resulting in the release of many of its employees, including Jordan Belfort within a month. Through a newspaper ad, Belfort finds employment as a broker in Long Island selling penny stocks. Realizing he made 50% commission of every share sold, in comparison to the 1% commission he received working in Wall Street, Belfort founded his own firm selling Penny stocks in Stratton Oakmont Incorporated with the assistance of his most competent friends. The size and income of the firm significantly increases by cheating wealthy investors out of millions. Belfort and his employees adopt deviant behaviors by partaking in the consumption of illicit drugs, immoral sex, and ravenous parties. As the firm grows, an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seeks to expose the ongoing corruption occurring within the firm. The movie introduces the brokerage company Belfort founded, Stratton Oakmont, through one of its’ deceptive commercials, showing employees working diligently, orderly, and describing itself as having stability, integrity, and pride. The following scene shows Belfort later after his empire was built gambling $25,000 in a bet for the following dwarf to be thrown directly at the bull’s eye of the

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