The Word Culture Impacts Each And Every Individual Differently Essay

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The word culture impacts each and every individual differently. For me, my culture is associated with pride and joy; for others, cultural heritage can remind a person of pain and suffering. All cultural experiences vary depending on where people grew up and the amount of value placed on cultural traditions within families.
Most people can easily describe their culture; many simply state, “I’m Italian and Irish.” However, being a third generation American, I’ve truly become a melting pot. I am 1/16th Scottish, 1/16th British, 1/4th Polish, 1/4th Italian and 3/8th’s German. My grandfather on my mom’s side is one hundred percent Italian, while my grandmother on my mom’s side was one hundred percent Polish. This makes my mom fifty percent Italian and fifty percent Polish, which is pretty typical of a second generation American. My grandfather on my dad’s side was one hundred percent German, while my grandmother was 1/2 German, 1/4th Scottish, and 1/4th British. Since my grandmother, who was only a first generation American already had three different ethnicities, my culture heritage started to become slightly a-typical from your traditional American. My father, who was 3/4th German, 1/8th Scottish and 1/8th British, lacked any similarities with my mom’s heritage. This made me part of five different cultures. I value and appreciate each of my cultures just as much as the next, however, the most influential grandparent on my cultural identity has been my Italian grandfather so

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